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Intra-club: Carlton Training notes 29 January 2020

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Intra-club day. Interesting to note that it appears that the club is installing a big projector into their main function room. I wonder if they will start having interstate game events? Or is it primarily for the College of Sport?

The session began with a bunch of loosening up exercises such as running, stretching, kick to kick.

The drills pre-game were based around stoppages and marks on the wing or flanks. Then drilling the quick movement forward and back and ‘owning’ the space – 4 teams two on each wing. A highlight of this session was a cleverly thought out and weighted kick by Dow to a one on one, but to the advantage of his team mate. The team mate was able to turn his oppenent around and score. There was much congratulations coming from the ground.

During that drill session, there were a number doing running on the sideline: Ed Curnow, SPS, Marchbank, Harry, McGovern, Simmo, Plowman, Murph, Newnes and Willo. Charlie is still nowhere to be seen. Of this group, I only noticed Murphy, Ed Curnow and Newnes make it to the scratch match.

Harry and McGovern haven’t started contact sessions yet from what I have witnessed. Marchbank was doing very slight contact and overhead work today but doesnt look entirely comfortable. All 3 would have to be a big question mark for round 1.

The warm up and drills went on for a while, so I was worried there for a sec that they weren’t going to get into the Intra-Club. I had a call with Trev, as we had a meeting straight after, saying that it didnt look likely that the scratch match was going ahead. As soon as I hung up – the ‘game mode’ switch turned on and everyone went ultra competitive. I even got a bit of white line fever myself and almost jumped the fence…

Today there was Blue VS Orange again but a mix of players on both sides – ie those that you would guess would be seniors and those that you would guess be VFL for round 1.

The opening session was a bit of a midfield masterclass by the Orange team, spearheaded by Walsh and Fisher. Krueze was doing some impressive ruck work to help out and Cripps seemed to play a bit more on the outside to give the other two more time in the guts. Intersting to note that TDK opened up the ruck work for the Blue team opposing Krueze. He was competitive but still the ‘Padawan’. You can see my reasoning that he needs more exposure in the ruck and some senior minutes this year to be better placed in a position where he will be able to take over from Krueze. Hopefully that day is still far away.

But back to Walsh. I cant speak highly enough of this kid. Second year and a ‘250 gamer’. Poised, polished, runs all day, ultra competitive. You are going to get real tired of me mentioning him.

Last training session notes from 24 January, I made the comparison of Sam Ramsay and a young Zac Fisher. Further evidence surfaced today with his ability to keep his feet in a tackle, work his hands free and dish off the ball – despite his size.

Eddie Betts added to his highlight reel with a “screamer” and nonchalent kick around the corner for a goal. However it was another, lesser, bit of play that really took my eye. The ball was in dispute in the forward line from a wayward kick in. Eddie just had the poise to keep tapping the ball to advantage, moving, turning into space. From his early days at Carlton, you just knew that he had it under control and something was just about to happen. And it did. The result was a very hard fought yet clever goal.

Which brings me to an area that we need to polish up before we hit the Tigers. The “Last kick in”. I have mentioned this before on the show. It refers to the last kick into the forward line to the advantage of the leading player – taking the defence out of the contest. Fish and Obrien both did a wobbly kick in and apologised for it. Dow was guilty of it last year but has vastly improved this pre-season, as I mentioned above. Its just having the poise and balance after sprinting to allow a second to steady before delivering. Its a delicate balance, given the speed of the modern game and the pressure of a live game situation. Cripps followed up that passage of play by showing them how its done and delivering a ‘lace out’ to BSOS.

BSOS by the way was playing forward then ruck.

As I’m writing this, I’m looking at my notes and the next point is just “Walsh.” I’ve no idea what for, but why not mention him again?

Last thing that I noticed was a clever bit of play by Sam Philp. A very clean pick up off the deck in the middle, finding space and delivering beautifully.

Pre-season is just around the corner with the recent news of a Carlton V Collingwood Pre-pre-season game on February 20. Ill see you down there.



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